Food The Ultimate Aussie Burger with The Lot

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October 12, 2019

Truly unique to Australia is the idea of having on a burger; pineapple, beetroot, egg, bacon… whether you love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it; it’s the Aussie way.

Burgers are a true international food, found in every corner of the globe, and this is how Australians do an Aussie Burger with The Lot.

The common belief is that the American hamburger borrowed its name from a dish called “Hamburg Style Beef” or “Hamburg Steak” which arrived in the United States from the German city of Hamburg in the 19th century. The dish was nothing more than chopped meat eaten raw.

BURGER BUN . A soft, pillowy, and distinctly sweet bun. Should be able to withstand the burgers sauce and juices, holding together to the very last bite.

SAUCE. The bbq sauce should be strong, with a dash of smokey flavour. Dark in colour, the sauce will contrast the sweetness of the pineapple and beetroot.

LETTUCE . Fresh, crisp lettuce is a must for any burger. Diced iceberg lettuce will assist in soaking up any extra sauce or juices.

BEETROOT . Since the 1940’s Australians have added beetroot (beet) slices to burgers. Giving the burger a sweet flavour, best added last to avoid sogginess.

ONION. Raw or semi raw, or cooked through. Either way, sliced onion is a must have on any burger.

BACON . Unlike other parts of the world who like it crispy, australians prefer rashers of flexible, soft bacon as standard “with the lot”.

PINEAPPLE . A slice of pineapple is the quintessential signal that you are eating an Australian burger. Sometimes briefly cooked – be careful of extra juice.

TOMATO . Tomatoes on a burger are like icing to a cake – not necessary, but makes the whole experience better.

EGG. Fried egg is another symbol of an Australian burger – represented by an almost slow-motion oozing egg yolk.

PICKLES . Often misunderstood, pickles will often end up on the walls and floors of burger joints. Poor pickles.

CHEESE . Best option is cheddar cheese, and it should be melted for best effect and optimal taste. Single or double slices.

BEEF . Moist, flavoursome, have charred edges, and strong flavours brought out by salt, pepper and internal seasoning. Thick and juicy works best. #1 ingredient.


  • Burgers helped bring down Australia’s biggest counterfeiting ring worth $43M. Fake notes were used at a Hungry Jacks (Burger King) which lead to the capture.
  • Americans eat approximately 50 BILLION burgers a year. Or on average, that equals each person in USA eating 3 burgers per week.
  • Hamburgers originally came from Germany – and were called the Liberty Sandwich in WWII (but no Freedom Fries – yet).
  • A cafe in Sydney claimed the title of the world’s biggest burger, weighing in at 90kg, or 198lb.

The Aussie Burger (also “Ozzie Burger”) is a national delicacy, and has evolved over the years from the standard burger, to something truly unique to Australia. The idea of having on a burger; pineapple, beetroot, egg, bacon… whether you love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it… it’s the Aussie way.