Lifestyle What to Wear to Festivals: 4 Outfits for Summer

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October 12, 2019

When it comes to festival fashion, women always face a dilemma. What’s on trend right now? How much money will I have to spend? Throw international travel into that mix and you’re bound to need a holiday from packing for your holiday.

So we’re taking the hours spent googling festival attire and the 10 outfits you’ll buy for the occasion–then change your mind about and return–out of the equation. Here are our top picks on festival fashion for every woman’s type of style, body and budget.

1. Outfit style: bohemian

If you like to play with patterns, flirt with fabric and are tempted by texture, then a Boho look is definitely your go-to for festivals. Opt for pieces that offer movements like swing dresses, playsuits, kaftans, shorts and swing-tops. If you aren’t one for getting to into costume style accessories, keep it simple by adding a low-slung belt to your dress for an effortless I-woke-up-like-this vibe. If accessories are your jam, layer on necklaces of different lengths and give yourself an arm-party by chucking on a selection of bangles, beads and bracelets.

2. Outfit style: eclectic

The whole idea around the eclectic look is embracing your inner personal style, celebrating clothing old and new and stepping out of the trend-shackles. The best advice for nailing the look is to layer your pieces. Stick to separates like shorts and tops, adding a cool textured vest or jacket as the main feature of your outfit.

Eclectic style cherishes the stories and memories of clothing, and where better to create those stories than at a festival?

3. Outfit style: classic

For all the women that aim for a minimalist look, fresh and chic, or are still figuring out their personal style, simple silhouettes and block colours are your BFFs. Whether it be a cultural, music or food festival, you will never look out of place, over-dressed or under-dressed in a classic shift dress.

Taking you from day-to-night with just a change of shoe, classic style is a godsend while travelling due to its versatility. Pair with a neutral sandal and a gorgeous pair of sunnies for an effortless, elegant and uncomplicated style that will fit any European festival.

If you’re headed to Spain for the San Fermin Festival, make sure to pack an all-white outfit and red neck scarf!

4. Outfit style: femme

For ladies who love nothing more than pretty colours and a little lace, dresses and skirts are your usual go-to get up and understandably so! Flaunt that femininity! But the trick for festivals is to remember that comfort is key and that you need to pick outfits that allow for movement. Accentuate the curves of your body by choosing dresses, skirts and shorts that nip you in at the smallest part of your waist but then flow to a swing or A-line cut. You’ll still feel elegant, but you’ll also be free to walk, run, chow down, drink, and shamelessly bust a move. Feel free to experiment with bodycon cropped tops, not only are they on trend but they can work on many body types!